What makes my Product Unique – Special?


affects us all physically and emotionally. To create a lighter mood the fragrant support of our sprays, with synergistic blends of essential oils is an accessible means of restoring balance in your life. Make a natural, healthy lifestyle choice, to bring harmony into your life, home and workplace.


In pregnancy, the body experiences dramatic hormonal changes and stresses. Numerous physical and mental changes occur. Nausea and exhaustion are supported by the spray. Emotional well-being and restorative effects on the body, mind and spirit are supported by this fragrance. Essential oils in this blend are safe for use in the second trimester onwards during pregnancy.


are sensitive to smell. Fragrance becomes a memory. Essential oils can give our babies a good health start. With fragrance we can give our babies a beautiful and kind beginning.


need aromas to calm, nurture and restore a child’s personality and behavior. A gentle approach for childhood problems.

Role of Sleep

It is no coincidence that we spend a third of our lives sleeping. Sleep is an integral part of our everyday lives. Without the peaceful rest of a good nights sleep, we feel tired, irritable and our concentration and creativity are affected. Our quality of life does depend on the quality and quantity of sleep we have. Sleep is much more than a time of rest. It is the time when the mind is recovering and healing. During sleep, the following processes take place: – The body is flooded with growth hormone, this ensures proper growth in babies, children and adults, and ensures cell repair and renewal. Every type of cell in the body from skin to blood, muscle to brain, is repaired more efficiently during sleep, as it occurs at a much slower rate while we are awake, – Sleep helps boost the immune system, enabling the body to fight off disease more easily, – Sleep helps balance blood pressure levels, – Dreaming occurs.

Sleep Sprays

Aromas will slow and deepen our breathing, relaxing the central nervous system, returning us to a state of peaceful contemplation. Renewal and regeneration of sleep occurs to coax the conscious mind into letting go and drifting off into sweet dreams.

Pump Sprays

Replace potentially damaging aerosols. Depending on choice of essential oils – there are many uses, to calm, to sleep, to treat, to uplift or to repel insects. Easy to use, anywhere, any time. Cleanse the air of bacteria and viruses. Essential oils inhaled work on the physical body, mind, emotions and spirit. Create a pleasant atmosphere around you. Non greasy, no chemicals and drug free. A gentle, subtle approach to healing that is really effective!