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Angelic Encourages a positive sense of well-being. Lifts the spirits, putting the mind back into balance, encouraging creativity and resulting in a calmer approach to life. Used for: coping with stress positively, successful in school classrooms, the workplace and home.  



Encourages feelings of well-being and the capacity to see life in perspective. A tonic to the nervous system, reducing stress. Has a cooling regenerative effect on the body. Used for:menopausal or andropausal symptoms. Eases moods, cools the body ~Subtle Effects~ Gently awakens the subconscious, bringing harmony and purpose. For times when we ask for assistance from angels, to reveal our purpose, or at least to understand a little of the path we are on. Encourages the feeling of being soothed, shielded and mothered. Increases sensitivity, awareness and perception.



Warming to the emotions. Helps in letting go of negative thoughts. Refreshes and clarifies the mind, achieving a gentle prospective. Useful for addictive personalities and depression. Used for: emotional upliftment. Restores balance. ~ Subtle Effects ~ Vibrates with the energy of universal love, working with unconditional love and giving. Easing the sorrow of the soul, bringing harmony and comfort. Can be used to bring our consciousness closer to our own angels. It assists us when we are feeling neglected or misunderstood.



Offers fragrant support in challenging situations, calming and soothing anxious and depressed states. Balancing and stabelising emotions, helping one to face loss and instilling a positive outlook, giving comfort. Used for: Support in times of loss:- bereavement, divorce, financial and health. Excellent support in chemotherapy. (Suitable for adults) ~ Subtle Effects ~ Clears fogginess that often muddles us, so allowing your higher self to become attuned as a receiver. It brings the Angels of Wisdom closer to assist us when in need, energizing the subconscious. Can be used during meditations to bring the angels into the setting and to understand why negative experiences may be troubling us.


Concious Living

Uplifting, energising and refreshing for the mind. Boosts energy levels. Used for: Increasing energy levels. Encourages concentration. A gentle approach to standard lice treatments, also a good precautionary measure. (Suitable for children and adults) ~Subtle Effects~ A fragrance of newness, renewal and the seeking of new horizons. Awakens the spirit of our own healer within. Allowing us to be centered enough to bring the Angelic realms closer for comfort and reassurance and to realize that help is always available to us. This fragrance is powerful through its simplicity, helps in the quest to be free from desire and ego where there can be no pretenses.



Promotes relaxation, soothing moods, instilling peace.


Inner Child

Has an uplifting and reviving effect, also soothing. Its comforting refreshing action brings balance and calm. Used for: Relaxing and refreshing. Offers relief for pregnant women, easing morning sickness and exhaustion. Use from 2nd trimester of pregnancy. Also good for postnatal depression. ~ Subtle Effects~ Aligns with the spiritual, "calling" fragrance. To call upon the divine orders, and to send love and prayers. To protect and keep the heart pure and full of understanding. It allows us to be centered enough to bring angelic realms closer for comfort and reassurance. Assists us to understand both opportunities and disappointments that may come our way. Helps one to rejoice and appreciate the Angelic realms.



Our Peppermint spray has a bold aroma, promoting clarity and alertness. Helps alleviate feelings of inferiority and insecurity. Its' cooling nature seems to relieve states of anger and hysteria. Excellent for mental fatigue and depression. Used for: Energising and stimulating. Eases mental fatigue, depression. Cools the body. Good for headaches and nausea. ~ Subtle Effects ~ Strong and clearing. Can be used when barriers have been erected. Used to clear a pathway. Useful for therapists to clear heavy negative energies left behind after treatments.

Soothes tension and stress, easing exhausted states. Cleanses the mind and instills a feeling of peace, promoting sleep. Used for: deeply relaxing sleep. Eases stress and depression. ~ Subtle Effects ~ Enables the spirit to receive blessings. It enables us to learn the joy of receiving, as well as giving, and of the interchange of spiritual energy. The gentleness of peacefulness reaches the higher self and the spiritual part of our being.